Undervisning av Neil Cole

10 undervisningsvideoer av høy kvalitet, på engelsk
Her finner du link til undervisning av Neil Cole fra Holtekilen høgskole 10-11.mai 2010. Han er leder av CMA som har følgende mål:

«Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) & CMAResources exist to support and encourage church multiplication movements by developing new resources focused on reproducing disciples, leaders, churches and movements from the place where you’re planted and finishing at the ends of the earth»

1. How Jesus sees the lost world


2. Preparing disciples to make disciples


3. How Jesus sees the Church, part 1.


4. How Jesus sees the Church, part 2.


5. Jesus view of missions


6.Organic leadership, part 1


7. Organic leadership, part 2


8. The functions of leadership in organic church movements

9. Upgrades for the future of the church


10. Can an established church transition to be organic?


okt 11, 2010